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Motorcycle Insurance is required by law, just as is car insurance. Motorcycle insurance provides coverage for the legal liabilities stemming from the use of a motorcycle. A minimum of 15/30/25 in liability coverage is required by Louisiana in order for you to register and operate a motorcycle on the public roadways. Similar to car insurance, you have the option to increase the liability limits and add other coverages such as:

Uninsured Motorists
Medical Payments

Insurance companies will evaluate many different elements when insuring your motorcycle. Some of the elements they are evaluating are driving records, credit history, age, sex, address, type of motorcycle and number of drivers. Just one company is not always the best for everyone. We take the time do the shopping for you to ensure you have the most adequate coverage for your motorcycle. Give us a call today and speak with one of our agents to learn more about Motorcycle Insurance and the options available to you.

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